Amherst Arson Case Leads Wolfgang to Call for Immediate Repeal of Bail Reform Law


Amherst Arson Case Leads Wolfgang to Call for Immediate Repeal of Bail Reform Law

New York State Assembly Should Vote This Week to Correct This Injustice

Amherst, NY – This week two defendants charged with harassment and arson in Amherst were released without bail. The safety of our community is being jeopardized due to this unsound law that classifies something like arson as non-violent. The defendants fired a flare gun into the home in French Landings. New York State Assembly Candidate Robin Wolfgang is calling on her opponent, Karen McMahon, to do the right thing and work to repeal the laws in Albany this week before anyone else gets hurt. 

After several months of investigation, prosecutors charged Christian R. McCaffrey and Dino A. Bruscia with Aggravated Harassment, Aggravated Harassment as a Hate Crime, and Third-Degree Arson. The pair were immediately released because of the senseless overhaul of our criminal justice system passed by McMahon in 2019. 

Robin Wolfgang stated, “It was wrong for the Assembly and Karen McMahon to pass important laws in the middle of the night when law enforcement officials, judges, and New Yorkers across the state had such grave concerns. These dangerous criminals shouldn’t be on our streets, in our neighborhoods or around our kids, period. Even the district attorney felt that arson is a violent crime deserving of bail but he had to follow the guidelines of the law. We must untie the hands of our court officials to let true justice be served.”

Wolfgang’s top priority is public safety.

“It is an absolute disgrace that Albany politicians are enabling criminals, turning their backs on crime victims and targeting our law enforcement officials with dangerous rhetoric and senseless budget cuts. What’s even worse is how in just one term Karen McMahon has become one of them,” said Robin Wolfgang.

McMahon voted for the changes to our bail system that prevent judges from setting bail or allowing pretrial detention for a host of extremely serious offenses. Child sex criminals, homicide defendants, and cartel operatives have been released across the state. McMahon also supported changes to discovery laws that create undue burdens on prosecutors and tilt the scales of justice away from crime victims.

“We’ve never been in more dire need of balance and common sense in Albany. Our residents deserve someone who’s going to stand up to the radicals from New York City who encourage looting and rioting, who want to defund the police and gave us cashless bail. Karen McMahon is happy to vote with them. I’ll take a stand to represent the voice of those in Amherst and Pendleton,” said Wolfgang.

Wolfgang noted her appreciation for the Amherst Police Department and district attorney’s office for their work pursuing charges against McCaffrey and Bruscia.


July 22, 2020
Contact: Jesse, 716-525-5170

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