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Robin Wolfgang | A Proven Public Servant

Robin Wolfgang‘s career in public and government affairs spans more than 20 years. She has spent the last three years serving as the lead internal and external communications officer in Western New York for Citibank’s business office in Amherst.  In her role, Wolfgang represents the 1,800 local Citi employees in the community creating partnerships with external organizations that help create “Pathways to Progress”, with government officials and the media. Additionally, she works to ensure internal communications are disseminated to all employees and organizes events to engage the employee base.

Wolfgang has worked in Buffalo since 2007. At that time, she was recruited to return to the area to assist Time Warner Cable gain name recognition and brand awareness as the new cable company in town.  For more than three years, she served as the primary media contact during crisis situations and new product launches.  Additionally, she worked with key targeted community institutions, such as the Buffalo Bills and the University at Buffalo, to establish long term partnerships.

Prior to returning to Buffalo, Wolfgang spent from 1991-2007 in Washington, DC.  She worked for ABC News in the political unit covering presidential races and conventions. She served as the Press Secretary for John M. McHugh of Northern New York and worked as the Special Events and Media Relations Manager for the Global Public Relations Firm Ruder Finn.  Wolfgang also represented Planet Hollywood as the Regional Public Affairs Manager in both Washington and Baltimore, creating and executing special events for A-List Celebrities on a weekly basis.

From 2003-2005, Wolfgang was the Director of Communications for the Delmarva Foundation for Medical Care, which serves as the quality improvement organization for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services  (CMS).  In this role, she helped launch campaigns to educate both caregivers and consumers about the services provided by Medicare.  During her tenure, she won national awards for comprehensive strategic communications campaigns to launch the website, educate consumers about the new prescription part D coverage as well as to increase the rate at which inner-city minority women got mammography screenings.

Wolfgang serves on the Board of Directors of Best Self Behavioral Health, where she chairs the Marketing Committee and the WNY STEM HUB, where she leads the Progressive Career Exploration Partnerships Program. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and History from Emory University and has a Master of Arts from American University in Journalism and Public Policy.

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